Is your content well managed?

I like the idea of a Content Management System. Face it, I like the idea of management. Orderly, neat and easy to find. If only there was a system to do it all. Copy. Tag. Save. Retrieve.

There isn't. At least there isn't one custom and ready for your workflow. Not out of the box. It takes some upfront planning to configure a Content Management System, and then you have to abide by the rules that you set for your business.


What types of Content?

Content Management Systems are designed to manage content, but the definition of content depends on the structure of your business. Content can range from product information to special announcements; registration forms to user feedback; internal documentation to event postings. Photos, video and audio files can all be classified as content.
A content management is a dynamic information management system. A typical Content Management System (CMS) will structure and organize all of your electronic services storage, retrieval and version needs.

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On the Subject of Me

On the Subject of Me

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