The requirements questions

How requirements questions

  • How will you use this feature?
  • Is this feature a process and, if so, what are the steps? Or, what questions can I ask to ascertain the steps?
  • How might we meet this business need?
  • How might we think about this feature a bit differently?
  • How will we know this is complete?

Where requirements questions

  • Where does the process start?
  • Where would the user access this feature?
  • Where would the user be located physically when using this feature?
  • Where would the results be visible?

When requirements questions

  • When will this feature be used?
  • When do you need to know about…?
  • When will the feature fail?
  • When will we be ready to start?

Who requirements questions

  • Who will use this feature?
  • Who will deliver the inputs for the feature?
  • Who will receive the outputs of the feature?
  • Who will learn about the results of someone using this feature?
  • Who can I ask to learn more about this?

What requirements questions

  • What do I know about this feature?
  • Or, what assumptions am I making about this feature that I need to confirm?
  • What does this feature need to do?
  • What is the end result of doing this?
  • What are the pieces of this feature?
  • What needs to happen next?
  • What must happen before?
  • What if….? Think of all the alternative scenarios and ask questions about what should happen if those scenarios are true.
  • What needs to be tracked?

Why requirements questions

Why questions are great wrap-up questions as they help confirm that the requirements you just elicited map back to a need you identified when you scoped the project.

  • Is there any other way to accomplish this?
  • Does this feature meet the business need and solve the problem we’re trying to solve?

(You’ll notice that we don’t typically ask a why question by using the word “why”. Among other reasons that’s because we don’t want to sound like a 2-year-0ld and annoying our stakeholders, even as we apply the 5 Whys Technique.)


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