First let's get you up and running!

There is a starter-kit available for your business

With a Drupal Distribution you will have a collection of pre-configured themes and modules for feature-rich web sites giving you a head start on implementing your site. Create your own Intranets, online communities, media portal, online store, document management system, and more!

Drupal colour palette

Using you favourite browser you will have:

  • Ability to maintain your own site
  • Ability to create custom landing pages
  • Update your own content with a workflow / versioning system
  • Use the tools you are familiar with (yes you can paste from Word)
  • Import excel documents
  • Post to newsletters, calendars, or social media
  • Local intranet and potential forward facing Internet
  • You have total ability and control over the technology with a very small learning curve.

Save weeks and up to thousands of dollars of set-up and configuration time.

A starter-kit is full of popular features commonly found on corporate, non-profit, personal and other websites.

Ability to maintain your own site

Keep content fresh!

Updating static HTML pages is too time consuming and costly for most sites. With a Content Management System, content can be updated by authorized users using familiar tools. No need to wait for a web master to make changes.

  • Change happens when you want them to. Save hundreds of dollars on maintenance costs.
  • Use the tools you are familiar with (yes you can paste from Word or upload from excel).

Backup and migrate

If there's one thing every website needs, no matter what content management system is being used, it's the capability to quickly and easily back up the site so it can be restored or moved.

  • You can either fire off a backup manually, or set up a scheduled backup at your convenience.

Private or Public settings

  • Easily share public data
  • Keep private data secure
  • Content can be private or public based on assigned roles such as administrator, author, publisher, member, employee or anonymous.

Taxonomy tagging and sorting

Create appropriate Terms to assign to content types. This allows for mix and match sorting and categorization for any number of needs. Users may then search content by tagged keywords.

Target your audience

  • Send newsletters to subscribed email addresses while creating content.
  • Post to newsletters, calendars or social media with a click of a category option.
  • Post dates can be scheduled with a calendar option to determine when content should be published.

Built in version control

  • Track all changes stamped with who and when content changes were made.
  • Side by side version compare available to see changes version by version.

Multiple Media Types Supported

  • Provide styled carousel images on your homepage. Embed youtube videos, and much more.
  • Each of the major browsers has their own display for the video and audio element. MediaElement provides a consistent player that can be themed consistently across all browsers.

Data access and accessibility

Mobile, smart-phone ready. Deliver to the right person in the right format. Accessibility is a strong part of the new web presence. (This is why Government of Canada selected a Drupal Distribution [Wxt].)


A customization usually takes the form of a module.

Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, rest assured, it can be modified. Usually without too much difficulty.

Ability to grow

Corporations typically spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an Enterprise Management Systems. With Open Source and Drupal CMS Framework we can provide similar customization's with a hundred fold savings!!!

Iterative growth

By following the agile-principle of iterative growth we deliver functionality is stages. Each and every stage is functional and tested code. This testing includes integration to your current set-up.

We will evaluate your current set-up and recommend best practices for migration.

Start with a Starter-kit

We can grow with you.

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On the Subject of Me

On the Subject of Me

I'm Allison with many hats. I am a System Analyst and Technical Writer with an IT and programming background.

I think Drupal is a super-awesome framework and I'm happiest when working on a Drupal Project!

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Expansion packs

You can add features to your Starter Kit at any time. Powerful add-ons include:

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