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Eckford Solutions was incorporated in 1997. Originally an Oracle Development company, we expanded into an Open Source Solutions provider of data access methodologies in 2002.

Data is our focus area. Methods of storage, access and presentation change. Data Integrity is and has always been our primary goal.

Standards compliance — What an exciting era to belong to! With the evolution of modern software development techniques, and a compliance to standard methodologies we can deliver custom accessible solutions based on solid business requirements rather than system capabilities.

Business Requirements — Specialising in the translation of Business to IT models. Our experts provide clear and concise models utilizing proven graphical techniques such as providing clarification with User Stories.

Building interfaces — We like to look good too, but our definition of interface is data talking to data. We can create efficient and attractive web-interfaces, and build them with with variety of tools based on your current needs. You want your front end to be built with Angular? Requirements change. We embrace change.

Redesigning websites — You're already up and running, but can't find the original developer? We can move an entire site to a Drupal based CSS and PHP layout with user-focus, or simply edit small parts of an existing design.

Building dynamic solutions — Depending on your current requirements, we can create a wide range of dynamic websites using either PHP and Drupal or Oracle Application Express as a base.

Using an open architecture we distribute application code and content managed in any repository or file system to any network destination, including file servers, databases and application servers.

Our focus on Agile Methodologies capture our collective knowledge and expertise as a set of best practices that ensure implementations exceed expectations.

We incorporate the Bates PMI certified methodologies as a guide to project management. Our architectural design and technical implementation techniques build a competitive advantage for our customers and partners.

Our practices are flexible enough to meet your unique requirements. Let's grow together.



Drupal professional support


Small Business Tools

You have a vision, but you need the tools. We have the tools.


Drupal Training

Let us show you as much or as little as you would like to learn.


Responsive Design

Responsive web design for mobile, smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.

On the Subject of Me

On the Subject of Me

I'm Allison with many hats. I am a System Analyst and Technical Writer with an IT and programming background.

I think Drupal is a super-awesome framework and I'm happiest when working on a Drupal Project!

Hire me, I'm really good

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